deference [see description]

English Notes: 

Goblet: 28:580 You alone bear the responsibility for your behaviour in every respect, so you are also responsible for your state of the righteousness and unrighteousness, of the conscientiousness and consciencelessness, of the fairness and unfairness as well as of the dignity and deference and of the dignitilessness and deferencelessness.

English Description: 

In the 'Goblet' Ehrfurcht is translated – in consultation with Billy – as deference. Billy doesn't want to have religious terms such as reverence. Ehrfurcht means: esteem, recognition, respect, dignity, honour, grace/favour/benevolence etc.. It is not necessary to put a indicator such as 'deep'. Fawning reverence has no place in the teaching of the Creation-energy (Spiriutal Teaching).

German Translation: