logically follow/realise/fulfil/practice [see description]

English Notes: 

Out of the 33 points by Billy:
11. when he/she logically follows/realises/fulfils/practices the love for the next one/the fellow human being and the love for nature and its fauna and flora; ...

English Description: 

The verb 'pflegen' has many meanings in German. But according to Billy, 'pflegen' – noun 'die Pflege' – in the spiritual teaching has almost always the meaning of 'wichtige Wahrnehmung/wahrnehmen'. Wahrnehmung/wahrnehmen in the sense of: logically follow/logical following, execute/Execution, practise/practice, fulfil/fulfilling, realise/realisation etc. which is why we have chosen – in order to meet the meaning – to take more than one verb/noun.