Leid/Leiden (see description)

English Notes: 

See 'Einführung in die Meditation' sentence 185.

English Description: 

Leid, Leiden: nouns. According to Billy, ‘Leid’ has the meaning of a ‘psychical-moral, negative state’ and ‘Leiden’ means ‘ununderstanding, misunderstanding and so on, which affects the moral and psyche’. ‘Leid’ and ‘Leiden’ means that the event affects the psyche and therefore is not to be translated with ‘suffering’ or ‘affliction’ which pertain more to the physical body.
Leidhaftigkeit: According to Billy, Leidhaftigkeit means ‘enduring Leid/Leiden‘. However, it is acceptable to use the more known term of ‘suffering’ where Billy explains Leid and Leiden in relation to the Buddhist teaching, so in that context we have used ‘Leid and suffering’.

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