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Statement by Ptaah during contact 670 from 11/01/2017
As a rule, since time immemorial, prophecies occur only as a warning and therefore in a negative wise, whereby the reason for it is that the human beings think about it and change all evil and negative things for the better, good and to that which is progressive.
Prophecies are based on inspirations, dreams, visions or probability calculations and show future happenings and occurrences, which will occur due to certain modes of behaviour, attitudes, words and actions and so forth, if these are carried out and upheld in unchanged wise over a certain period, whereby the period up to the fulfilment of the prophecy can be short or even take up to centuries or millennia.

However, if the entire factors of the happenings, occurrences and modes of behaviour, attitudes, words and actions and so forth which are spoken about through a prophecy are not maintained, rather are changed for the better and good, then it will not be fulfilled, because from the changes successful, fruitful and valueful things arise in a favourable wise.

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