gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit

English Notes: 

Goblet: 19:46 Truly, however, there is also a venerable rage which moves in fairness and in composure (restraint) and serves to fight (strive) against unfairness (irresponsibility) and unrighteousness (consciencelessness) through gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit (actions in logic and rationality) and to put a stop to them so that fairness (responsibility) and righteousness (conscientiousness) may come forth (come about). ...

English Description: 

Gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit is the way of passive, logical Gewalt, because gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit means in other words active Gewaltlosigkeit, in which Gewaltlosigkeit is practiced and implemented gewaltsam or actively. In gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit as active Gewaltlosigkeit, Gewaltlosigkeit is practiced and implemented gewaltsam or actively. However, gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit also means passive resistance, where passiveness in this sense means a power or a might or simply passive Gewalt, because power, might and Gewalt represent a form of Gewaltsamkeit even in a gewalt-less, passive form as resistance, which is however done in a gewaltsame Gewaltlosigkeit. At the same time, however, this gewalt-less or passive Gewaltsamkeit must not be understood in the sense of the usual understanding that human beings of Earth have of negative Gewalt, but rather only in the sense of a positive, peace bringing, harmonising, balancing, buoyant and regulation establishing effort in the form of a power, might and influence, etc. offering passive resistance in a logical way.

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