Creation, the

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C needs to be capitilised and an article put in front of: The Creation

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The Creation is the BEING and NON-BEING of life. It is the most immense mass of spiritual energy in the universe. It is spirit in the purest form and unmeasurable in its wisdom, knowledge, love, harmony and truth. The Creation is something spiritually dynamic, a pure spirit intelligence-energy that is incomprehensible for human beings, and reigns above everything, an always active, creative, incessantly being in evolution, all-enclosing wisdom and love. (From the forword in the Decalogue)
Extract from FIGU-Bulletin no 68, September 2009
The Creation is an immense, neutral, energetical and evolutive Wesenheit BEING that is not a Wesen as such but a Wesenheit as a pure natural state of energy, a natural evolutive spirit-energetical activity-energy. ... The Wesenheit Creation is a pure spirit-energetical BEING-state, a radiating energy of spirit-light, and therefore not a Wesen in the sense of a human being, other creature or other personified Wesen, therefore also not a divinity in superhuman form. The Creation Universal Consciousness, as natural spirit-energy-form, is a spirit-energy-form based and existing purely on causal evolution out of which the likewise causal and evolution-related creational-natural laws and recommendations are given. ...

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